The High performance stretch film

Quality Film’s Q-Wrap is a high performance film providing major benefits to users who want reduced pallet wrapping costs compared with traditional thicker films. Q-Wrap retains all the stretch capabilities of conventional film and is suitable for awkward shaped pallet loads. It’s available for both hand and machine application.

What to use:

Light/Medium Loads:

Uniform in shape. The load size closely matches the pallet size. These are the easiest loads to wrap. Few film puncture points exist. This type of load is often seen at manufacturing and distribution locations where similar sized boxes or products are prepared.

HP2N (Extra Light)

HP2 (Light)

Medium/Heavy Loads:

Less uniform loads. The stacking pattern may be irregular and the load size may not match the pallet size. Several film puncture points exist. Loads appear at smaller manufacturing locations and distribution warehouse locations. Each pallet contains two or three products destined for a single destination.

HP4 (Medium)

HP6 (Heavy)

Heavy/Very Heavy Loads/Irregular loads:

Variety of size and shape loads – no two loads are the same. Their size and shape vary significantly with numerous puncture points .

HP7 (Very Heavy)

HP8 (Super Heavy)

Available in a variety of colours and core sizes

Hand Rolls

400mm & 500mm widths
12mu to 35mu strengths
Available in a variety of colours
Available in standard and extended cores

Benefits Of Q-Wrap

A high performance stretch film ideal for all pallet configurations, especially heavy loads.

  • Downgauge without loss of performance
  • Easy to apply
  • Reduces packaging waste
  • Fully recyclable
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Available in a variety of colours

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  • Stronger than
    conventional pallet wrap
  • Excellent Puncture
  • Reduces
    packaging waste