Service & Quality

Our overall objectives are to ensure that we strive continuously to improve the performance of our products for the benefit of our customers and that our service delivery is “best in class” at all times

Product Quality

We manufacture blown stretch film to a consistently high standard and that is demonstrated to customers through cost savings, fewer transit breakages, and thus reduced wastage.

We only use virgin material in the manufacture of pallet wrapping films and do NOT use any re-processed materials.

We only source products from trusted raw material suppliers, who meet our own exacting “Q” mark” standard.

Service, order fulfilment and delivery

Our objectives are always to ensure that:

  • Our dedicated customer service team ensure that Quality Films is easy to do business with
  • Quality films support their customers for all training needs and regular product reviews
  • Customers are given order delivery dates that can be relied upon
  • Pallets are stacked uniformly and in a safe and secure manner
  • All documentation eg delivery notes, invoices, statements etc is clear and unambiguous
  • Should a problem arise, the cause is identified and steps taken to prevent it re-occurring

We monitor our own performance and that of our suppliers on a regular basis. Customer surveys are carried out to ensure that we meet our own exacting standards.

We regularly examine all systems and procedures that affect quality; they are amended as appropriate to ensure that we maintain continuous improvement of product quality and service.

Quality Films recognises the importance of training its employees in the ability to deliver its service and product objectives.

Industry News

Testimonial – 3rd Party Logistic Company

Quality films have supplied us for several years, giving consistent quality, customer service and delivery turnaround times, whilst offering solutions to streamline product and costs.  They have worked with us to ensure during our peak season,  availability of the product has always been met. Communication from the sales and customer service team is of a high standard and every request responded to quickly –  thanks for your support


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